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1894 – 1918   From Birth to Starting a Business (until 23 years old)

1894Born on November 27 in Wakayama Prefecture, third son of Masakusu and Tokue Matsushita.
18994His father loses home and farmland in rice speculation. Family moves to Wakayama City.
19005His second eldest brother dies of illness.
  • Enters Ono Elementary School, Wakayama City.
His eldest brother and second eldest sister die of illness.
19027His father moves to Osaka alone, and works in Moa-In, a private school for the blind and deaf-mute.
19049Leaves school in fourth grade to take up apprenticeship at Miyata Hibachi Shop in Minami Ward (now Chuo Ward), Osaka.
190510Begins apprenticeship at Godai Bicycle Shop in Semba, Higashi Ward (now Chuo Ward), Osaka.
190611His father dies.
191015Resigns from Godai Bicycle Shop, and takes on temporary job at Sakura Cement Co.
Joins Osaka Electric Light Company as interior wiring assistant.
191116Promoted to installation technician, at the youngest age in the company.
191318Enrolls in Kansai Commercial and Industrial School course in Osaka.
His mother dies.
191419Drops out of Kansai Commercial and Industrial School.
191520Marries 19-year-old Mumeno Iue on September 4.
191621Files an application for a new light socket design for practical use.
191722Promoted to inspector, at the youngest age in company.
Quits Osaka Electric Light Company; begins manufacturing and selling sockets in Ikaino, Higashinari County (now Higashinari Ward), Osaka.
191823Founds Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works (now the Panasonic Group) on March 7 in Ohiraki-cho, Kita Ward (now Fukushima Ward), Osaka.
Starts selling new model attachment plugs and two-way plug sockets.